One of my specialties is the treatment of anxiety.  Anxiety overestimates threats in our lives and underestimates our ability to handle them.  People tend to experience anxiety in a couple of different ways including racing thoughts about finances, career, health; a feeling of being jittery or on-edge, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, a general feeling of dread, etc.  Anxiety can be a very uncomfortable experience, but there are ways to help manage anxiety that decrease this discomfort and help people feel more in control.  

I help people learn to identify when they feel anxious and when symptoms are present in an effort to help them better track their anxiety and use tools to decrease it. It is also important for people to learn to identify and change some of their thought patterns that make their anxiety worse and build a set of skills to help them manage anxiety.

I was listening to the radio the other day and a woman quoted an Afghan proverb that says “A river is made drop by drop”. I think we forget this sometimes and feel frustrated that big changes aren’t happening overnight. As long as we put our heads down and keep making little strides in the direction that we want to go, we can lift our gaze one day and see how far we’ve come.