Being a mother is an extremely difficult job.  As a mother myself, I love helping mothers navigate mom guilt and the feeling that you’re never doing enough and never doing it right.  I help mothers learn to balance their own needs with those of their family’s and their partner’s.  I help people navigate the complexities of going back to work or staying home and the demands that both choices involve.  It's really easy to feel alone and like you're the only one struggling as a parent, but you aren't.  Let me help you work through these challenges. 

I was listening to the radio the other day and a woman quoted an Afghan proverb that says “A river is made drop by drop”. I think we forget this sometimes and feel frustrated that big changes aren’t happening overnight. As long as we put our heads down and keep making little strides in the direction that we want to go, we can lift our gaze one day and see how far we’ve come.