I offer therapy for adults, teens, and their families.  Sessions take place weekly in my office and are 50 minutes in length.  I charge $150/session.  Sessions for families may be longer, depending on circumstances, but I will always discuss that with you ahead of time.  I also offer in-home sessions for those with extenuating circumstances for an additional fee. 

In therapy, my aim is to support you through your challenges and to provide you with practical tools that will help you manage your difficulties and achieve your goals.  As each person's goals are different, each person's therapy will look a little different.

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help people identify and change their thought patterns and ways of viewing the world that tend to be unhelpful. I also incorporate mindfulness which is a way of helping people to be present and pay attention to their own experience, their thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc. And of course, I do a lot of listening and being curious about what it’s like for people to be who they are.

I was listening to the radio the other day and a woman quoted an Afghan proverb that says “A river is made drop by drop”. I think we forget this sometimes and feel frustrated that big changes aren’t happening overnight. As long as we put our heads down and keep making little strides in the direction that we want to go, we can lift our gaze one day and see how far we’ve come.